The New Factory Thinker

The New Factory Thinker Your Five-Step BIG Idea Blueprint For Success In The New Economy Are you running an old factory or a new factory? Are you an old factory thinker, or a new factory thinker? In the 21st Century,…

The New Factory Thinker



The New Factory Thinker
Your Five-Step BIG Idea Blueprint For
Success In The New Economy
Are you running an old factory or a new factory? Are you an old factory thinker, or a new factory thinker?

In the 21st Century, the marketplace has changed on a fundamental level. New technology is disrupting every industry. Competition is increasing. And most traditional products and services have become low-margin commodities. In this environment, running a standard “old factory” is not enough. New factories—like Amazon, Apple, Google, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and Shopify—are driving old established companies out of business and throwing millions of people out of work. It’s predicted that 90% of all jobs and businesses in existence today will disappear by 2025.

In this exciting but frightening environment, the big question is: What’s needed to succeed in this new economy?

It all begins with how we think. In this presentation, author, entrepreneur, futurist, and business strategist Bill Bishop presents New Factory Thinking, a Five-Stage BIG Idea Blueprint For Success In The New Economy.

“Most of us today still use an old way to think to think about our business,” Bishop says. “I call this old factor thinking. That mental blueprint for business worked great in the 19th and 20th centuries, but not today. The marketplace has changed on a fundamental level, so a completely new way of thinking is required. We need to replace old factory thinking with new factory thinking.

“If we want prosperity for ourselves and our children, we need to re-wire our minds for the realities of the 21st Century. If we do that, virtually unlimited opportunities for success are possible. If we don’t do that, our prospects will be much more limited.”

Using examples of companies big and small—based on 30 years of experience coaching entrepreneurs, corporations, and associations—Bishop explains why old factory thinking is obsolete and then outlines the five-stage new factory approach. At the end of the presentation, you’ll have a completely different perspective about your business, your career, and the economy. You’ll also be excited and ready to succeed in a disrupted marketplace.


In this forward-thinking and thought-provoking presentation, business coach Bill Bishop explains how to use New Factory Thinking to create stand out in the marketplace, increase your revenue and profit per customer, and create a future-proof business that will thrive in the new economy.

Bishop explains:
• Why 99.9% of companies today are in danger because they still use an old factory thinking process designed for a by-gone age.
• Why it’s now better to build your business around a type of customer, rather than specific products and services.
• Why aligning everything your company does around a BIG Idea—rather than products and services—is the best way to future-proof your company from unpredictable changes in the marketplace.
• Why you’ll attract more ideal prospects faster and easier by providing free value during the sales process.
• Why enlisting customers in an advanced program will increase your sales-per-customer, and enhance customer retention.
• Why giving your members exclusive access to an extensive value hub of products and services will dramatically increase your potential sales.
• How to generate passive income by including value hub products and services provided by other companies, including former competitors.
• Why the virtual and intangible nature of a New Factory makes it more resilient, less risky, and more profitable than its old factory competitors.

To demonstrate that the New Factory model is not just a theory, Bill shares many real-life case studies of companies—big and small— that are currently using The New Factory Thinking approach.

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