FREE VPN for iPhone | Best iOS VPN options [TESTED]

🧨 If a free VPN for iPhone feels to limiting, try the best premium options with a discount 🧨 ✅ Grab a NordVPN deal ➡️ ✅ Grab a Surfshark deal ➡️ A new feature for iCloud users has…

FREE VPN for iPhone | Best iOS VPN options [TESTED]



🧨 If a free VPN for iPhone feels to limiting, try the best premium options with a discount 🧨
✅ Grab a NordVPN deal ➡️
✅ Grab a Surfshark deal ➡️

A new feature for iCloud users has been released, called Private Relay. It kinda works like a built-in free VPN for iPhone. And if Private Relay is not exactly your best option, what is? Can you really get a free VPN for iPhone?

🔎 What is Private relay? 🔎

It works by sending your traffic through two proxy servers. One is operated by Apple and another – by a third-party provider. Apple knows your IP but doesn’t know where you’re going. Meanwhile, the third party doesn’t know who you are but knows what you’re looking for. BUT, Apple doesn’t have a no-logs policy in place – and we have no way of knowing if they could possibly trace your data back to you if needed.

Since Private Relay only works on Safari, Everything you do on other apps and browsers will still be traceable. On top of that, Private Relay proxy servers are easily detectable – so they often get blocked.

🔦 How are free VPNs better? Atlas VPN & Proton VPN🔦

A lot of non-reputable VPNs tend to sell user data, so a no-logs policy is a nice transparency move. There’s one more thing that these free iPhone VPN 2022 picks do better than Private Relay – and that is system-wide encryption. You’ll no longer be limited to one browser – all of your apps will go through the same VPN server, and traffic will be safe and encrypted.

🌎 AtlasVPN 🌎

Within the free VPN for iPhone app, they offer servers in three locations. AtlasVPN free apps fully support the Wireguard tunneling protocol. Wireguard not only boosts the speeds of this best free VPN for iPhone pick but also comes with advanced encryption – ChaCha20. But, iOS devices have a 2GB daily data cap, so it’s not an ideal choice if you stream a lot of content.

🧪 ProtonVPN 🧪

Proton VPN free version earns my respect points for being open-source. It also doesn’t have a data cap. I found servers in 3 different locations and a variety of tunneling protocols, with Wireguard among them. Though I do have to mention, that when I tested them out, Proton’s speeds weren’t as great. It might be due to high server loads, so keep that in mind.

So yes, Proton might be among the best free VPN for iPhone picks, but it’s still riddled with limitations – I wasn’t able to access many features without upgrading, streaming didn’t work too and the slow speeds got a bit annoying.

💎 Choosing a good premium VPN – NordVPN & Surfshark pros 💎

First – server choices and performance. More servers mean the server load won’t be as high and the closest server to you won’t be countries away – all of that rounds up to better VPN performance. That’s one of the biggest reasons why Nord and Surfshark mobile app versions constantly top up the VPN speed charts, since they’re coming in with about 5,600+ and 3,200+ servers respectively.

🗻 Surfshark VPN – best price-to-value ratio ➡️

For those who would love to stream some foreign Netflix libraries, there’s just one simple truth – I simply seem to have better luck with Nord and Surfshark. These two open 15 and 28 libraries respectively and that’s plenty to satisfy my streaming needs.

🗻 NordVPN – secure and feature-packed VPN ➡️

Final thoughts ➡️

Overall, it’s a bit of a headache to choose a proper premium option. That said, I think the answer to “what is the best free VPN” is simple – you’ve got two great options to choose from.

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0:15 What is Private relay?
0:50 What are the major Private Relay cons?
1:21 Can you really get a free VPN for iPhone?
1:41 How are free VPNs better?
2:30 AtlasVPN free version review
3:16 AtlasVPN limitations
3:30 Proton VPN free version review
4:05 What does Proton VPN lack?
4:19 It’s not really worth upgrading – why?
4:54 Bigger server pools
5:40 Value for money
6:25 Streaming geo-blocked content
7:16 Conclusion

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