Thanks in advance for watching my Motion Design and Editing reel! I chose to make a combined editing-and-design reel because a lot of the video work I’ve done demanded that I do both. However, this may lead to some confusion…




Thanks in advance for watching my Motion Design and Editing reel! I chose to make a combined editing-and-design reel because a lot of the video work I’ve done demanded that I do both. However, this may lead to some confusion as to what I’ve actually *done*, so here’s my commentary on who did what. First off, I edited this reel. Onward!

0:00 – 0:06: Staccato reveal of shots, plus my name, motion designer and editor titles are animated by me. The background is a shot I animated and rendered of an astronaut glove tumbling and rotating in zero-G, but that is the glove from the famous astronaut suit made by the great Raoul Marks, and I feel really awesome taking no credit for having modeled and textured that piece of art and telling you instead to honor him by visiting his website (listed below).

0:06 – 0:19: This is animation from a series of videos I made for Caltech’s and Southern California Institute of Architecture’s entry into the Department of Energy Solar Decathlon (2011). The solar home (which was being built for real) was designed in 3D by a team of students; the final 3D file that I used for rendering was prepared in 3DS Max by Wilson Chang. My work consisted of setting the cameras and rendering the clips (about 70 altogether). The one sequence that involved more than just “photographing” the architecture was the sequence featuring the “guts” of the house and the animated labeling of the heating-and-air-conditioning system. I imported the original 3DS Max model into Cinema 4D, re-textured the house, and animated new shots within C4D. Final composite was done in After Effects. Thanks again for your help, Wilson.

0:19 – 0:32: The Visa Innovation Center at Visa Global Headquarters in San Francisco is an interactive, self-guided tour allowing Visa clients to intake the wide scope of Visa’s products and services. My contributions to the Innovation Center took the form of editing down 13 videos to about a minute apiece; these videos were subsequently programmed into one stop on the client tour, an interactive touch-screen experience called “Capabilities Cubes,” aptly named, as they describe what Visa can do for you. Another video I edited for the tour played on a Hypebox integrated transparent LCD screen display promoting Visa’s sponsorship of the US Olympic Team. I feature parts of the Hypebox video I edited, plus the titles I animated.

0:32 – 0:43: This is from a case study I edited for Spinifex Group featuring the work they did for IBM Think 2019. Titling at the outset (IBM / IBM Think 2019) is done by me, including the exploding bokeh effect I animated in Cinema 4D. For the event, Spinifex produced large rectangular columns fitted with interactive consoles, a table featuring a touch-screen experience, and a standing room theater showcasing 3D Animation by Spinifex’s team in Sydney.

0:43 – 0:48: This is my animation of the production company logo for Beachwood Park Films, which was behind the film “Dreamland,” released by Orion Pictures in 2016.

0:48 – 1:01: From Dreamforce 2018, the mecca of all things pertaining to Salesforce. I edited about 3 hours of footage into a two-minute case study for Spinifex Group, which produced the animation and fabrication for the event.

1:01 – 1:03: A snippet from a video I directed for Chai Energy. The 3D animation of the phone, the graphics on the phone, and the 2D title animations were done by me.

1:03 – 1:04: From Dreamforce 2018. Animation by Spinifex Group.

1:04 – 1:07: From video work I created for Caltech/Resnick Institute. The animation of the logos and particle effects are mine, as well as the field of 3D solar panels.

1:07 – 1:08: From a video I directed and animated for Chai Energy. Eight months of work.

1:08 – 1:11: Dreamforce says HIGH FIVE. Chai Energy says it’s time for wine…and laundry.

1:11 – 1:19: The first video I edited for Spinifex Group turned into a 3D animation job, as well. This video played at Consumer Electronics Show 2019 and introduced a new app from Harman called “Personi-Fi.” The animation of the Harman logo and the 3D animation of the Personi-Fi logo on the Samsung phone were done by me. I also created a VFX shot of the Personi-Fi app integrated into the car. Everything else was pretty much an editing job.

1:19 – 1:30: Everything here is just a recap from before (that’s Mikaela Shiffrin from the US Olympic Team, FYI). Raoul Marks’ glove is featured but I also scaled down his astronaut suit to fit inside a space station I modeled in Cinema 4D. The space station and glove animations weren’t for any particular job: they were just for fun. End titles are designed and animated by me.


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