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#YouTube #videos #keywordresearch Register your profile on the #IIDM™ website. The more people #watch your #videos, the more #YouTube is likely to surface them in their #search or #recommendation features. #YouTube explains further: “now when we suggest #videos, we focus…


#YouTube #videos #keywordresearch
Register your profile on the #IIDM™ website.

The more people #watch your #videos, the more #YouTube is likely to surface them in their #search or #recommendation features.
#YouTube explains further: “now when we suggest #videos, we focus on those that increase the amount of time that the viewer will spend watching #videos on #YouTube, not only on the next view but also successive views thereafter.”
1.start with an awesome intro
The first step is to hook your audience. Grab their attention in a flash- that’s what google itself preaches too. The first 15 sec are your saving grace to make it happen.

2. Break the #video into chapters
Like chapters in books, #YouTube’s chapters make things easier for viewers to better understand what will come next.
Think about how to break up your #videos into segments. Each chapter should have a compelling intro moment followed by an intriguing narrative. Outlines can be useful in this process.
3. Include pattern interrupt
Whether your viewers stick around or leave in droves boils down to one thing – engagement. Interrupting patterns makes that more likely.
When similar images and narratives repeat, people get bored, and the bounce rate climbs.
4. Do #keywordresearch
You can’t escape the value of keywords just because it’s #video. As you develop content ideas, make sure to do simple keyword research specifically for #YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world.
Head over to a tool like #keyword tool
Or you can do a competitive analysis. Research your top five to seven competitors and see what they are doing on #YouTube, from their tags and keywords to the content they deliver. Read the comments under their videos.
5. Tell stories
storytelling works for viewers who want to be entertained and those who want to learn. Explore how to convey your story in a unique and interesting way that your viewers will appreciate (i.e., keep watching).
Tip: no matter how long the #video, think of it as a story both in the narrative and on-camera presentation.
6. Collaborate
Partner with like-minded people who share a similar vision and purpose as your brand to tell their stories.
Tip: treat these partnerships as collaborations, not influencer marketing. The latter is all about getting new eyeballs on a product or service. Guest collaborations are more likely to create a feeling of shared values or feel authentic.
7. Create longer #videos
A shorter video needs a bigger viewership to get the same total watch time as a longer video with fewer viewers.
Tip: think about how to extend some of your existing but underperforming short #videos.
8. Use #YouTubeanalytics
Examining your #YouTube analytics lets you get an awesome insight into both the micro and macro views of your #videos and your channel. You can see viewership in days, times, etc.
Increase your viewers’ watch time
Enhancing your watch time is a surefire way to be more attractive to #YouTube’s algorithm. As a result, your videos are more likely to surface in recommendations and search results.
It may take some time to implement everything, but you should start to see a healthy spike when you work on them one by one.

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